Parents and Teens Hubs

The program offers professional and integrative family support. It is aimed at domestic and foreign families in difficult life situations. The entire family system is in focus.

Family support takes place at home in the familiar, everyday environment of a family. Operations take place during the day, in the evening or over the weekend. They are limited in time.


Family support is carried out in English, or any Ghanaian language as required.

The aim of family support is to improve the life of parents, children and the interaction between parents and children to such an extent that an orderly family life becomes possible. Parents are advised and supported in their educational tasks. Their scope of action and skills to cope with everyday life are expanded and thus family relationships are improved overall. The parents find their own upbringing style and build a positive parent-child relationship. At the end of the accompaniment, the family functions on its own and acts independently.

Working Method

The Parents and Teens Hubs visits the families on site and works together with the target and stakeholder groups on an individual basis in a goal-oriented, structured, time-limited, networked and role-based manner.

She uses various methods and instruments and draws on reference theories from various disciplines. It assumes that there is potential for change in families and works in a systemic, participatory, resource-oriented and interdisciplinary manner. The documents its services, taking data protection into account, and makes professional recommendations for the attention of the family and the referring agency.

The quality of one's own actions is reflected and further developed by means of supervision, intervision and the 4-eyes principle.

Principles of work and action of the Parents and Teens Hubs

The activity of the Parents and Teens Hubs specialists is based on the following working and action principles:

Advice and Help

Advice and help with teen counselling, crises in the family. We would be happy to advise you personally. Please call us beforehand for an appointment.

We also offer parent counselling for parents who have issues with parenting.

Available 24 hours a day 365 days a year.:

You can reach our trained specialists by phone or e-mail.

Confidential and Anonymous >>>

Our advice is confidential and anonymous if you wish. Telephone and email consultations are free. Personal consultations on site are subject to a fee.

For everyone involved in the upbringing >>>

We are a point of contact for parents of babies, toddlers, children or young people of all ages, young adults as well as family members (relatives, neighbors etc.) and other specialists in the family environment (teachers and care givers).

In educational stress situations >>>

You can discuss your questions about education with us. We advise you, for example, on topics such as having a crying baby, questions about development, dealing with defiance and resistance, puberty/adolescence, school/apprenticeships and the transition to working life.

In the event of conflicts, crises or violence >>>

We provide you with particular support when situations escalate, leading to a conflict, a family crisis or violence. This can be psychological violence, physical violence or sexual violence in the family. We will also help you if there is only a suspicion.

We specialize in all aspects of programmes and projects aimed to promote social and economic change, research, impact assessment, education, child protection, health and safety, advocacy and capacity building.

Contact Us

Konadu Homes, Community 22
Tema, Greater Accra, Ghana

+233 (0)59 942 0004

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