Facilitating Skills

Facilitating Skills
  • At CIPAD Consult we help individuals acquire and develop various skills that are relevant to their personal and professional growth. Our facilitating skills involves creating an environment that promotes learning, providing guidance and support, and offering opportunities for practice and application.

Key aspects of our facilitating Sessions are:
  1. We Identify skill gaps
  2. Design learning experiences
  3. Provide resources and support
  4. Create an interactive and engaging learning environment
  5. Offer feedback and guidance
  6. Encourage practice and application
  7. Promote continuous learning and growth
  8. Monitor progress and evaluation

  1. Social Development
  2. Family Live and Education
  3. Marriage and Counselling

We specialize in all aspects of programmes and projects aimed to promote social and economic change, research, impact assessment, education, child protection, health and safety, advocacy and capacity building.

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Tema, Greater Accra, Ghana

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