Boys Boys Coaching Camp (BBCC)

Boys Boys Coaching Camp (BBCC)
  • The Boys Boys Coaching Camp aim to provide boys with a supportive and empowering environment to develop important life skills, foster personal growth, and cultivate common goals.

  • Our Boys coaching camps support boys in developing a strong sense of self-confidence and empowers them to become well-rounded individuals who possess the skills, values, and attitudes necessary for their personal and social development.

  • Who Can Attend
  1. Boys between the ages of 12 and 18
  2. Boys with varying backgrounds
  3. Boys with different interests or goals
  4. Boys seeking personal growth and skill development
  5. Boys with a willingness to participate and engage

We specialize in all aspects of programmes and projects aimed to promote social and economic change, research, impact assessment, education, child protection, health and safety, advocacy and capacity building.

Contact Us

Konadu Homes, Community 22
Tema, Greater Accra, Ghana

+233 (0)59 942 0004

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